Outdoor Ceremony and Lux Barn Reception | Adaumont Farms | Trinity, NC

bride and groom seen kissing in rear view mirror of their rolls royce get away car at an outdoor wedding at Adaumont Farms at Trinity, NC

I adore music almost as much as I do photography (I’m a closet singer but no one knows that…) There is an incredible bravery standing in front of a crowd and being the center of attention that both terrifies and fascinates me. This is one of the first things that made me love Nick and Jess and it’s why their wedding struck a deep chord in me. More about that in just a moment.

Traci: What is unique about you as a couple?
Nick: We’ve been together for over 7 years.
Traci: When did you know he was the one? Was there something he did or said that made you catch your breath and just know?
Jessica: There wasn’t a particular moment that I just knew, but I would say after about 3 years of dating, I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him.

Nick and Jessica are super cool people. And when you put two cool people together for a substantial amount of time before they walk down the aisle? You not only get a cool couple, you get a really comfortable couple.  And THAT makes for an incredibly fun wedding to shoot. Jessica and Nick met at Elon University, where they started as good buddies and group project partners. By their senior year, they were dating. Several years later, they found themselves in Boone on vacation with their dog and an engagement ring.

Traci: “What’s your favorite music? What is your song as a couple?”
Jessica: I love all kinds of music but I guess I would say my favorite kind is the kind Nick plays. He wrote a song for me called Pnuts song that could be considered “our song”.  

Oh yeah, did I mention that Nick is also a musician? The cool and fun element of this wedding was seriously exponential. His bandmates from his band, Big Something, played Jessica down the aisle, and the entire band, including Nick, jumped on stage and played at the reception. The crowd was raucous and high energy–basically the most fun kind of crowd to have at a wedding. I love all of the photos from their reception because of the playfulness exuded from Jessica, Nick and the entire guest list.

I could talk for hours about this beautiful couple and their beautiful Adaumont Farm wedding. From the gorgeous succulent florals that they allowed guests to take home with them to their inclusion of their beloved dog in the ceremony…every detail throughout their wedding was tasteful and personal.

Traci: Describe the best wedding photo you’ve ever seen.
Nick: I like simple shots of everyone smiling of laughing in a beautiful setting. I like the use of nature. 
Jessica: A candid shot of the bride and groom with their parents dancing in the background. I also like the wedding party with their toes in the water, but I don’t really like my feet, so maybe not. 

What made Jessica and Nick’s wedding so great to photograph was the willingness of everyone to do anything.  They decided on a first look, which we did under a covered bridge. I decided to try something different for this first look…I stayed further back and observed from afar. It gave a new perspective and a private feeling to the moment. I simply adore with the result.

We didn’t end up dipping any toes in the water for the group shot….but we did end up with a stunning shot of some very good friends, who were confident and comfortable enough with each other to do anything. There is such personality and connection to this group shot that it quickly became one of my favorites.

My absolute favorite shot from Jessica and Nick’s wedding was also one of the hardest shots to get. Jessica and Nick sat in the front seat of the Rolls Royce that transported them to and from the wedding. I photographed their reflection through the rearview mirror. It’s a classic photograph and the sense of place and intimacy is strong. It felt like the perfect way to capture this uber cool couple and it was well worth the work it took to get it.

Jessica and Nick, it was a pleasure to photograph you, your gorgeous wedding and your fun friends! Invite me to your next party! It is sure to be fun!


Traci Arney

I am an overly passionate, slightly obsessive fine art photographer who just happened to fall in love with photographing weddings. Recently I was named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States. I love telling stories so I dig pretty deep into your personal story. We have a blast together and you will be blown away by my images, your prints, and your album!

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