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Rainy Day Rooftop Wedding with Surprise Flash Mob | Kress Terrace | Greensboro, NC

Posted on February 13, 2016

From the first moment I met Samantha and John, I knew they were MY clients but more than that, they are MY PEOPLE. Hilarious, irreverent, whiskey aficionados with a deep love of the arts. We are basically the same people… When you work with someone you connect with on so many levels, there is a trust that builds and allows for unbelievable freedom in storytelling.

Traci: Tell me the one thing you love the most about your fiancé.
John: No question. It’s her strength and resolve… If I’d had her upbringing I’d be in the nuthouse, or hosting a reality TV show…
Samantha: His heart. He has this huge heart and is so giving. Sometimes to a fault and it can cause some problems. But, if the problems we have arise from him being too kind? Well, those are the kind of problems I can live with. He would do anything for a friend and anything for me or the boys.

Samantha and John met at a party I’d like to go to called the Fall Ball. They talked until the sun came up and well, you know the rest.

I love this couple. Love. They are awesome. John is the best guy. He is hilarious and totally adores Samantha. Samantha is a beautiful, outgoing, fiery redhead with three beautiful, outgoing, fiery redheaded boys who all love art, drama and the theater. When this fine art photographer meets a theatrical, artsy redhead? I know good things are going to happen on the wedding day. I was not disappointed.

Traci: Why am I the right photographer for you guys?

Samantha. Your work is different and, in my opinion, a higher level of art than most I’ve seen. Everyone else’s stuff looked kind of the same to the point that nothing stood out. John and I are a bit different, too. I sure don’t know anyone else like us!

Samantha and John chose Kress Terrace as their wedding location. They love downtown Greensboro and wanted a downtown Greensboro wedding. They planned to have their wedding outside on the terrace. They had no backup plan for weather. So, of course, it rained – not just rained, monsooned. But this didn’t put a damper on these two spirits. When Samantha saw the forecast, she went online and had umbrellas shipped overnight for guests to use at the ceremony. The umbrellas were….well, they were cheap (what else are you going to do when you are ordering umbrellas to use for 75 people??). And the wind was….strong.  And the rain…heavy. This offered up a trifecta of dramatic images. We really couldn’t have planned it better. The best part? The weather loosened up an already laid-back crowd. The situation itself with the umbrellas was hilarious and the candid shots during the ceremony became even more candid.

Samantha and John gave me complete access to them and to Kress Terrace. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Access, access, access! It’s the key to amazing and unique wedding photographs. The signature shot of the wedding found me laying down on my back underneath the lovebirds DURING the ring exchange. A first for me. With a resulting image that captures the beginning of their next chapter from an entirely different perspective.

Traci: What is the most important thing to you about your wedding photography?
Samantha: Drama. I’m a dramatic person. I want my photos to evoke emotions in people. But also to be uniquely our photos and not the same thing as everyone has on their Pinterest boards. I mean, there’s some photos I’d like to get my own version of, but I just want them to be uniquely ours. I want our grandkids to see them and say “wow”.

My favorite technical shot from this wedding was Samantha’s formal portrait. I used a double exposure – I wanted to show that it was pouring rain but still give them a portrait that displayed Samantha’s beauty. I first photographed the raindrops on a window from inside and then I photographed her in a beautiful light and layered the first shot of the raindrops falling over her. Drama and beauty.  Samantha in a nutshell.

After the wedding, we rolled up into the front display window of Kress and took the formal bridal party shots. I love the way the images turned out. Theatrical and striking.

Samantha wore a pair of baby blue Vans under her wedding dress. When we were taking the formals, I noticed a side street with a painted crosswalk. I decided then and there that we were getting a picture of her shoes on that side street. In the torrential rain, I had Samantha stop on the painted street while I laid down in the middle of the road in a puddle that felt more like a pond and waited for a car to come by from behind so that I could highlight her shoes. I was SOAKED to the skin by the time we got the shot, but holy cow, was it worth it. Between Samantha and John’s love of downtown Greensboro, her quirky shoes and the way they rolled with the weather that day….this image represents them. Kudos to Samantha for also being willing to do anything.

Samantha and John’s reception was a scream. Their friends planned a surprise flash moband flew in a special surprise guest to come out and sing during the dance. It brought Samantha to tears. I gave the most fun guests some LED lights and they circled around Samantha and John, resulting in images that were just as fun as the party itself.

When I say I will do anything for the shot, it is not hyperbole. I have and will always go that extra mile or, in this instance, shoot in thunderstorms for the benefit of my clients and my art. I actually destroyed two cameras on this shoot. Yep, destroyed, waterlogged, killed. They had to be completely replaced but that’s what insurance is for.  And you know what? I’d destroy ‘em again if given similar opportunities and access!

Way to roll with the punches, Samantha and John. Everything about this wedding was just pure joy and it made my job easy.  Congrats!

001-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-001-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 002-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-002-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 003-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-003-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 004-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-005-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 005-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-050-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 006-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-006-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 007-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-055-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 008-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-008-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 009-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-009-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 010-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-059-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 011-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-010-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 012-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-265-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 013-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-011-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 014-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-066-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 015-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-012-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 016-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-070-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 017-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-013-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 018-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-014-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 019-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-016-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 020-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-081-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 021-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-018-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 022-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-017-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 023-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-020-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 024-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-021-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 025-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-022-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 026-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-024-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 027-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-025-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 028-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-026-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 029-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-027-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 030-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-029-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 031-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-030-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 032-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-031-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 033-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-089-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 034-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-091-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 035-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-092-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 036-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-098-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 037-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-Boys-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 038-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-035-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 039-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-036-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 040-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-037-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 041-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-038-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 042-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-039-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding 043-©2015-Traci-Arney-Photography-040-Samantha-John-Kress-Terrace-Flash-Mob-Wedding

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