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  • Ball over home plate as bride misses pitch from groom
  • Couple almost kissing with four blue lights behind them
  • Couple standing under the silver bean in Chicago
  • Couple holding each other sitting on a log with reflection in the calm water
  • Black and white photo of couple standing against wall about to kiss
  • Groom standing behind bride, looking off in opposite directions
  • Couple kissing at bowling alley while woman is holding a green bowling ball
  • Couple kissing while standing on concrete pillar surrounded by water
  • Night shot of couple sitting on the edge of a dock with dramatic lighting
  • Couple laying and kissing in a green field
  • Black and white photo of couple standing in a field with woman's legs wrapped around man
  • Couple kissing at a baseball game seen through the slot between the two seats in front
  • Couple kissing under an arched doorway
  • Woman leaning against graffitied wall looking at camera, man looking at woman
  • Couple sitting in a dark room with dramatic lighting from corner
  • black and white photo of couple sitting at a table at a local pub with a vase of daisys
  • Sepia photo of couple standing under arches of cathedral
  • Shadow image of couple kissing at Swizzle's bar
  • man dipping woman as he kisses her chest
  • Bride in black dress resting her head on the shoulder of her taller fiance
  • Sepia photo of couple in wooded area kissing under a clear umbrella
  • Bride and groom from the knee down wearing bowling shoes
  • Black and white photo and woman resting her chin on the man's chest
  • Couple's reflection in the gauges of a boat
  • Shadow image of couple standing near bare trees during sunset
  • Sepia photo of a couple kissing under a cement bridge
  • Couple standing near Lake Michigan with the Chicago city scape in the backgorund
  • Couple being playful outside wearing tradition indian garb
  • Photo of couple through leaves standing on a wooden bridge
  • Couple standing in large iron structure
  • man looking at camera as woman looks at him
  • Red toned image of couple kissing while woman holds a sparkler
  • Man kissing woman's forehead while in an embrace standing near horses