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I believe the bravery is beautiful and that my images are intimate and empowering. My work is strongly rooted in my fine art education. I create pieces from the wedding that are powerful enough to hang in a gallery and resonate with viewers long after they stop seeing the image. After all, art is about the human experience and a wedding is simply a part of that experience.

My career began as a fine art documentary photographer and my work has been featured in galleries around the world.  When I began photographing weddings, I realized that they provided new challenges of creating art through wedding rituals and of capturing the moments that would tell the stories of each individual couple. Every love story is different. Every wedding is different. And every time I catch that perfect moment? I feel pure giddiness.

In order to reach our full potential, we have to be fearless. Courageous. Brave. And that bravery?  It is breathtakingly beautiful. I adore my fearless brides and grooms. Finding their story through my lens as they start down a new path together, full of possibilities, is nothing less than spectacular.

So, take a look around my website. If you like what you see, call or email me. I’d be honored to capture your story and YOUR fearless beauty.


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